Location, location, location!

That was the mantra invoked by Sir Alan Sugar as he heaped scorn on his losing team of would-be apprentices in the first episode of the new series on BBC1. The teams had each been given a mobile coffee van and a Tradecycle, and told to go and sell coffee on the streets of London. Revealingly, the losers' Tradecycle helped them turn in a whopping £500 in a day's trading, the 'location' jibe having come about because the girls chose a poor pitch for the van, and the team manager subsequently closed it down altogether, leaving the bike to make all the sales. Ironically, it seems the girls' team would have won on sales figures alone, but they overestimated their stock requirements and so they overspent. You can see highlights from the show on bbc.co.uk/apprentice.

So - location, Sir Alan? Well, a cycle-powered mobile sales unit offers unique opportunities. You can take it where motorised catering providers can't even get a sniff. Pedestrianised shopping centres, canal banks, seaside piers, parks, gardens, railway stations and promenades. Hardly surprising that when Talkback Thames producers spotted one of our Tradecycles busy serving coffee among the crowds of tourists in Canterbury's olde-worlde High Street (a traffic-free zone), they just couldn't resist inviting us to London to help out with staging the new Apprentice series.

Something they didn't mention in the TV show is that Tradecycles' big difference is a virtually zero-emissions trading opportunity. You can deliver your stall to your chosen site by simple pedal power; you light the bottled-gas burner under your deluxe Italian coffee machine, and that's it - you're ready to start serving the most delicious coffee and hot chocolate to a queue of satisfied (and returning) customers. No motor, no noise, no fumes, no electricity - and no road tax! Everything you need for a day's trading is all on board - a water-supply and a waste tank, a cool-box for your litres of organic milk, canisters for your freshly-ground organic coffee and your luxury hot chocolate, your top-quality recyclable paper cups, your promotional blackboards and your sunshade. Not to mention your own personalised catering offers (ours include organic fresh-baked muffins, gingerbread men and toffee-apples).

If coffee doesn't grab you, we can modify the Tradecycle concept to market all kinds of goodies from ice-cream to pancakes, smoothies to soup. We love the challenge of building special bikes for innovative entrepreneurs.

So, if you're tempted to give up your job, forget becoming a loser-in-a-suit on the Apprentice. Use your creativity to be your own boss, get out in the sun and enjoy your life!

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